2023 Movie Releases: What to Expect


2023 is just around the corner and that means movie fans are eager to hear what’s in store for them on the big screen. From reboots to sequels and much more, 2023 movie releases are sure to have something for everyone. In this article, we’ll take a look at what has been announced and what to expect from the 2023 movie scene.

Red Carpet Ready: 2023 Movie Releases

2023 has an exciting collection of movie releases already in the works. From established franchises to fresh new IPs, there’s plenty to look forward to on the big screen in 2023.


Reboots will be a big part of the 2023 movie landscape. The big one that everyone is looking out for is the reboot of the Spider-Man franchise. Although details haven’t yet been revealed, we can expect something special from the franchise that launched the superhero movie genre.


Movie sequels reign supreme in 2023. Fans of the Fast and the Furious franchise can look forward to F9, which is set to be released in June 2023. Marvel fans are eagerly awaiting Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, and fans of the Kung Fu Panda franchise will be treated to an all new sequel.

New IPs

While sequels dominate 2023 releases, there will be some fresh new offerings in the form of new IPs. Movies like Knives Out 2 and Jurassic World: Dominion offer fans a new angle on two beloved franchises. We’ll also be getting new offerings such as James Cameron’s Avatar sequels and the long-awaited adaptation of the sci-fi classic Dune.

Blockbuster Buzz: What’s Coming to the Big Screen

The 2023 line-up also includes some of Hollywood’s hottest stars taking on groundbreaking roles and heading up blockbuster projects.


Angelina Jolie will be starring in the sequel Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, Ryan Reynolds is set for a second outing as the iconic Detective Pikachu, and Leonardo DiCaprio will take on the role of the legendary Andy Warhol.


The 2023 movie releases will encompass a broad range of genres, from high stakes action, to lighthearted comedies, to emotional dramas. Movies like Matrix 4 will provide action-packed thrills, while Tom & Jerry will offer plenty of laughs, and The French Dispatch will tug at the heartstrings.


2023 will be an exciting year for movie releases, with something for all tastes. Whether you’re looking for blockbuster star power, long-awaited sequels and reboots, or original IPs, plenty of exciting projects are heading our way. Here’s to 2023 being a great year for film lovers!

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