Jisoo’s Flower: Exploring a Hit New Song by Blackpink!

As K-Pop stars continue to dominate the world’s music scene, Blackpink remain at the cutting edge of the genre. With their latest single, “Jisoo’s Flower,” they continue to thrill and captivate audiences everywhere. Exploring the impact of the song and the creative power of the group, this article dives into this massive hit!

The Achievement Of Jisoo BLACKPINK’s Song ‘Flower’ On The Melon Chart Is In The Spotlight Of Netizens

A Post On The Online Community Theqoo Highlights The Achievements Of Jisoo’s Solo Songs, ‘Flower’ And ‘All Eyes On Me’, On The Melon Music Chart.┬áMany Netizens Have Shown Their Support. Jisoo BLACKPINK officially made his solo debut by releasing his debut single album titled “ME” today, Friday (31/3) with “Flower” and “All Eyes on Me” … Read more